Prayer Requests



When you need a miracle first, begin a personal relationship with God.  Then moving on to demonstrate through the study of Scripture and strong principles—factors like trust, love, forgiveness and praise.


Has God brought a miracle into your life?  What prayers has He answered for You?

It’s YOUR turn…what Miracles do you need or have you experienced ???

Take some time to think back on all that has happened in the last year… tell us what have been your miracles?


Please leave a brief comment below and tell us your miracle story.  It can be something big or it can be something small.  Miracles come in all sizes,  in many shapes and forms…they often come in the form of people with willing hands and hearts who just show up to do that one thing that  you needed more than anything.  If you want us to pray with you and for you let us know...GOD has a miracle just for you !   


Now…start thinking about YOUR miracles! We can’t wait to read them.