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                                       Miracles' History

God gave me a vision while praying and fasting along with needing direction.  The Lord was chasing me and I procrastinated.  I said, "Lord, show me where to go, what and how to do your will and what name should I use. 


At that moment, it seemed as though I was flying on a cloud.  I saw the most beautiful light, something like I never had seen before, almost unbelievable but yet very real. 


This illuminating, bright light was various shades of purple which appeared so electrifying like purple balls of fire. There was a gigantic hand in the atmosphere and it was throwing balls of fire that turned into words that was writing in the air...




So the Lord spoke and the Purple Ball was formed. 


Miracles, Miracles, and More Miracles is a 501c3 faith-based community 
outreach organization that has been active in Atlanta for over 20 years. Miracles Reachout services Atlanta with clothing and food distribution, prison ministry, senior citizen advocacy and radio and television ministry.  We are a CHRISTIAN community based organization that seeks the reward of drawing all men to Christ.  Also we provide awareness to men and women worldwide through radio, tv, special programs, worship experience and others.  Miracles Miracles And More Miracles is not only an organization, we are a COMMUNITY.  
Founded by noted television and radio personality, Evangelist Sandi Collins, a Lupus thriver, her motto is clear: if you need a miracle, reach up and grab your miracles.
 Outreach Programs include:
  • Silver Foxes
  • Y.E.S. (Youth Expressing Spirit)
  • T.T.T. (Teen Tea Time)
  • Bars But Free (Prison Ministry)
We welcome your donations to help support our various ministries that support all citizens of Metropolitan Atlanta. 
Reach Up and Grab Your Miracles!
Sandi and grandauugher
Sandi and Mom
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Family Picture
Youth Adult
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